We offer Residential and Commercial Carpet / Rug / Upholstery / Tile & Grout and VCT Strip & Wax Cleaning. We also offer Water / Flood Damage Restoration and Mold / Mildew Removal and Remediation.

We don’t charge any extra for weekends. We use Green, Environmental Products and we bring our equipment inside your house (no leaving doors open like other Carpet Cleaners!)

Carpet Cleaning

Some people do not look at the carpet in their home as an investment, however they should as properly cared for carpet can last for many, many years. So as you would with any investment, you should take the appropriate steps to protect it. This includes professional carpet cleaning. Eddie & Sons Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning takes pride in using the most effective cleaning solutions to best suit your specific type of carpet. Our fully trained technicians will ensure that all manufacture warranty requirements are met. We pay very close attention to any spots, stains, pet odors, and heavy traffic areas that may need additional focus. Our highly advanced steam cleaning systems will remove tough, ground in stains and have your carpet looking and smelling like new in no time. For more information on our expert carpet cleaning services, contact us today.

Oriental, Persian, Antique & Area Rug Cleaning

Many oriental, persian, antique and area rugs are constructed of fibers that respond differently to cleaning than tradition home and office carpet cleaning. At Eddie & Sons, we take the appropriate precautions and care to ensure your area rugs are not damaged in the cleaning process. Our professionally trained technicians use high end cleaning products to ensure your area rug is safe with us! Before any cleaning takes place, we conduct a thorough inspection of your area rug. For more information please call or fill out our contact form.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

One of the most difficult and time consuming surface to clean is the tile and grout in your home or business. Over time, dirt gets worked into the small crevasses of your tile and grout that can be nearly impossible to remove without the proper equipment. Eddie & Sons uses high end cleaning products, well maintained equipment and hot water to get the ground in dirt and bacteria out of your tile and grout; leaving it looking like brand new. After we clean your tile and grout, we use a special penetrating sealant to keep your tile and grout cleaner for a longer period of time.

Vinyl Commercial Tile Cleaning

Tile Stripping is a process that involves removing the dull wax layers from the vinyl commercial tiles with the aid of a stripping solution and reapplying new wax for a new and improved shiny look without streaks and blemishes. Once the tiles are stripped, they are buffered using a mechanical buffer which is a highly effective process that gives a new look without having to replace tiles.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning

Eddie & Sons begins by pre-inspecting each piece of your upholstery and sofas to ensure that no damage takes place during the cleaning process. In most cases upholstery is made up of different types of fibers that require the expertise of our trained cleaning technicians. If the proper method is not used, permanent damage can take place so be sure to use a trusted upholstery cleaner like Eddie & Sons! For more information please call or fill out one of our convenient contact forms.

Water Extraction | Flood & Water Damage Restoration

When a flood or water damage happens in your home or business, you do not have the luxury of waiting to address the problem. This is why Eddie & Sons are available 24/7 for our emergency flood and water extraction and damage restoration services. If you do not immediately take care of the water damage, you are risking a chance of further damage and possible mold and health problems. We are able to come on site right away and extract all flood water to prevent any further damage from occurring. Don’t let an emergency flood destroy your home or business. Call now and speak to one of our fully trained technicians.

Mold Remediation & Mildew Removal

One of the most dangerous elements of flood and water damage is the mold and mildew that is often left behind. Even a simple plumbing leak can lead to a breeding ground for mold and mildew in your home or business. Mold and mildew can present serious health risks to those who come in contact with the affected areas; especially those people who have allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Therefore these areas need to be professionally cleaned by an experienced company like Eddie & Sons. If you have any reason to believe mold is present anywhere in your home or office, do not wait to call as mold and mildew will keep growing! Eddie & Sons will have one of our fully trained technicians come to you and inspect any infected areas and determine the best option for removing the mold and mildew to return your home or business back to a healthy environment.